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Car Mini Refrigerator Home Beauty Refrigerator Car Refrigerator Refrigerator Incubator Car Refrigerator

Car Mini Refrigerator Home Beauty Refrigerator Car Refrigerator Refrigerator Incubator Car Refrigerator

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1.This product is a dual-purpose small refrigerator, which can be used for cooling and heating. It is suitable for dormitory students, office white-collar workers, and home bedrooms.
2. Skin care products contain VC and have anti-oxidative and whitening effects. After opening, their activity is gradually lost. If the packaging is not good, the effect will soon be halved or even invalid, so please put these items in Store at low temperature. The lower the temperature, the slower the chemical reaction. If the anti-aging product you use has large capacity, long cycle and high price, you must store it in a small refrigerator to ensure its effect.
3. Skin care products with a short shelf life and products with a short shelf life after opening often have less preservatives or no additives. Putting them in the refrigerator can not only prolong the shelf life of skin care products, but also reduce the breeding of bacteria at low temperatures, making skin care products less prone to deterioration. , the most important thing is to record the shelf life in case it is stored for too long.


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